redpwnCTF 2021 - rp2sm

today12 min read
rp2sm is a two-part reversing and pwn challenge that I wrote for redpwnCTF 2021 (you can find all our challenges here!), and easily the…

redpwnCTF 2021 - MdBin

today10 min read
The React framework is generally considered very highly resistant to XSS; essentially the only way to get XSS under “normal” circumstances…

Chujowy CTF - Ford CPU

July 18, 202029 min read
So this is definitely one of the most interesting CTF challenges that I’ve done in a while. I played Chujowy CTF 2020 with redpwn and did…

New site!

April 15, 20191 min read
After over a month of work, my personal portfolio page is finally live! As usual, it is open-source and the code is available on my GitLab…

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